How did he invest in Moncler??

On the evening of September 22nd, the French Embassy in China, on the T platform built temporarily, the new release of magmode was under way. This is the brand of men’s designer incubator created by senior media and famous writer Cai Chongda, and kayhui is the leader of its B+ round financing. In addition to capital cooperation, Cai Mingpo and Cai Chongda of Fujian with the people of Jinjiang, have graduated from overseas sound middle school, the origin of Cai Mingpo came to let little show up as “junior” platform.

Cai Mingpo’s life track has a strong mark of the times: he was born in 1969 and had been a teacher, taking 120 yuan per month. At the age of 20, decided to study abroad, in the help of friends or relatives, lobbied for the 6000 yuan ticket money in france. When he passed through Hongkong, Cai Mingpo looked at the flourishing middle ring, which made him aspire to “be sure to make the economy.”

After arriving in France, in order to learn French as soon as possible, he listened to the news radio station while working as a part-time job, and almost 24 hours did not turn off the machine. In less than a year, he finally entered Orlean university to study economics. After graduating from college, Cai Mingpo enrolled in Leon higher business school. In 1993, Cai Mingpo, who had not yet graduated, became the first representative of Shanghai Representative Office of cybergroup. He also promoted SUPOR’s acquisition by cyberspace.

In 1996, Cai Mingpo decided to leave cyberspace and completed a shelved study in two years, and founded the Sonest stone company in 1999. 3 years later, Sonest is already the largest stone company in France.

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