Luxury down jackets start a war against fake goods

Moncler’s fake means is to launch a special brand protection department to counter counterfeit products. According to the company website, in 2016, Moncler moved from social media to 114 thousand related counterfeit products, withdrew 34 thousand and 400 related searches, closed 1100 websites, and removed 53 thousand counterfeit sales products. In addition, consumers can also register on the Moncler website and verify that the clothes purchased are genuine online.

There are reports that the clothing market is also facing a big challenge: counterfeit goods. In the past few years, counterfeit counterfeit brands have flooded the market. These products are marked with brand names, but they are priced cheaper than genuine products to attract consumers. And the destruction of the reputation of the famous brand by counterfeit goods, to a certain extent, has damaged the market share of these brands.

It is worth mentioning that the counterfeit goods are not only foreign brands, but also domestic brands. In order to ensure that consumers get the right products in the electricity business, Taiping bird took a look at the fake market in advance for months, and made up a special case team with the external investigators. In September 2017, the Taiping bird was reported to the Yongjia County Public Security Bureau of Wenzhou after multiple investigation and verification, and Wenzhou was the initiator of the national cluster case. According to the Ministry of public security “cloud 2017” special action requirements, Taiping bird will monitor the network infringement data for detailed investigation.

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