Moncler releases anti-counterfeit policy

Although the time when the winter is the outdoor apparel sales season, but a “counterfeit products” of the old rival is still a disease in our very vitals of major brands. Recently, Canada’s luxury luxury brand Canada Goose and Italy luxury brand Moncler issued a warning, hoping consumers can be cautious when buying goods, and prevent counterfeit and inferior products.

Canada Goose spokesman said, there are a lot of fake and shoddy goods Canada Goose in a variety of illegal websites or sales of small markets, especially in Asia, and urged consumers as soon as possible to guide Canada Goose official website gives to identify genuine and fake goods, to prevent counterfeit goods.

Brand label: the label of fake and shoddy products is usually made of rough, and the color is different from that of the original product. The map inside the Canada Goose logo, and the text “Canada” and “Arctic” on the label are sometimes wrong.

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